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Add a tube of 100 solid color bracelets for only $39...(valid only with glowster order).

“The Glowster” is an innovative new patent-pending glowing coaster. It combines two of the most popular products found   today at entertainment, sporting and party events (beverages and glow items) into a glowing sensation!

“The Glowster”  will add excitement to any night time or indoor event, including Concerts, Sports Events, Raves, Night Clubs and Bars, Parties, in the Pool or at the Beach. Light up the Party, Entertainment or Sporting event with “The Glowster”.

 “The Glowster”  is a terrific promotional item, and can be imprinted with your event, product or business name.

 How Does It Work?

Attach “The Glowster” to the bottom of a bottle or glass, then activate and inset a bracelet type glow stick in through the hole in the bottom. “The Glowster” directs the light from the glow stick upwards and is amplified by the liquid inside.