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Affordable Glow Novelties
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Glow Sticks

Glow Sticks are excellent sources of alternative light for use during power outages, portable lighting (camping etc.) and they are also great for use in areas that can be dangerous for conventional alternative lighting. You can even use them under water.  Best of all, there are no batteries to worry about.........Completely non-toxic and self activating....just break and shake!


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**Individually Foil Wrapped**

Sold in units of 50 all the same color or in an assortment.
(Assortments have a minimum 
of 3 random colors)

Green, Red, Blue, Pink,
Purple, Aqua, Orange, or Yellow

Box of 50  $21.00
(only .42 each!)
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4 inch Glow Sticks
8 Hours
**Individually Foil Wrapped**
Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, Pink,
Purple, Orange, Aqua, or White
$.99 each piece
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4 inch Glow Sticks
8 Hours
** Bulk Pack bags of 50 sticks**
Green, Red, Yellow,
Blue, Purple, or Aqua
$42.50 per bag
($.85 per stick)
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6 inch Safety Glow Sticks

6-8 Hours
**Individually Foil Wrapped**
Green, Yellow,
Blue, Purple, or Pink

ONLY $.99
regular price $1.19
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6 inch  Industrial Strength

8-12 Hours 
**Individually Foil Wrapped**
Green, White, or Orange
ONLY $1.34

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Bulk bag of 50  light sticks
6 inch  Glow Sticks
Industrial Strength
8-12 Hours
Green, Yellow, Blue,
 Orange, or Pink
Normally $53.50

Sale price $42.50 !
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We buy low to save you dough!

15 Inches long!
Sold in packs of 5 sticks all the same color.
Green, Red, Yellow, or Blue
$38.00 per pack of 5
(please allow 3 extra days when ordering this is a special order)
please call to order

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